What it is

Ebb is a reserve currency of an imaginary coin. It is allocated in the borders of the real.


Ebb seeks value in the failures and sort comings of the financial status quo. Ebb accepts
failure as a generator of potential. It departs from the ‘bigger, better, faster’ notion.

How it works

It is a generative coin that interacts with real-time data collected from the bitcoin
market, exchanged into the market value of drachma on its’ last day of circulation.

Why Drachma?

This national currency not only became obsolete but is also a symbol of the fail-
ure of a national economy and a monetary union, a supposedly borderless pros-
perous community. As of 1st January 2002, Greece lost its potential to use its
own economic strategies in favor of a highly centralized ‘common’ narrative.

Why Bitcoin?

The potential that the bitcoin suggested, challenging the existing finan-
cial systems. The success of the bitcoin was hugely based on its’ decentral-
ized structure, complexity and anonymity. It was developed in the obscu-
rity and fluidity of the darknets, behind the official set of rules. It is now
growing popular, facing its possible assimilation from the global economic system.

What is next?

Ebb is open to transformation, modification, reproduction.

Ebb is a positive currency that makes market failures its own success story.

Ebb is good to go!


Evangelos Makropoulos, vagmakr@gmail.com
Marilena Synodinou, mrl.synodinou@gmail.com